Access to the WA6IRC Gateway is open to all Independent Radio Club members in good standing. If you are registered on another D-STAR system, you already have access, as the D-STAR callsign database is common to all D-STAR gateways.

The WA6IRC D-STAR Gateway moved to the new "G2" network on Saturday April 12, 2008. You will need to register on the new G2 network... please click here for details.

Your D-STAR radio will need to be programmed for gateway access by setting the RPT2 Call parameter to WA6IRC_G. Click here for details on configuring your radios. By setting the RPT2 parameter to "WA6IRC_G", you are telling the system to use the gateway to handle your D-STAR traffic, routing it to another gateway down the road in the OC, or around the world, or maybe just to all three WA6IRC DV repeaters. This setting also permits DVAP and DV Dongel users to hear your traffic. IRC members, please contact Ed, KB6THO, to request Gateway access.


The WA6IRC D-STAR Gateway is located at the Contractor's Point repeater site, and links the WA6IRC D-STAR repeaters to other D-STAR repeaters around the world. Among other things, the Gateway supports simulcasting on all WA6IRC digital voice repeaters, voice IDs and announcements.

WA6IRC_G, the IRC D-STAR gateway, is a Linux computer that routes digital voice and data from the WA6IRC D-STAR stack to other D-STAR gateways around the world. The gateway does this through a database that keeps track of all callsigns heard on the D-STAR network worldwide. The gateway checks the database for the last place a callsign was heard, then routes the traffic to that gateway and module. Here is a list of callsigns callsigns heard in the previous 24 hours. Program "RPT2 Call" in your D-STAR radio to "WA6IRC_G" for gateway access. Click here for details on configuring your radios.

January 2008 saw approximatly 95 D-STAR gateways on-line around the world. For a current list of D-STAR repeaters and gateways, click here. A map of D-STAR gateways around the world is available here.

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