Can't quite hit the D-STAR repeater with your HT from the backyard hammock? Traveling to a land without D-STAR? No problem... just pick up a DVAP. The Digital Voice Acces Point is a small tranceiver to interface your computer and D-STAR radio with the D-STAR network. Your D-STAR radio transmits to the DVAP which then takes your traffic and sends it out over the D-STAR network. Imagine a repeater that plugs into a USB port and you have the concept of the DVAP.

The DVAP really leverages your HT... it creates a "hot spot" for connecting to the D-STAR network wherever there is an internet connection. For up to the minute DVAP info and program update announcements, join the DVAPDongle Yahoo Group.


Here is how to set up your DVAP (Adapted from the DVAP Quickstart Guide)


Just like the gateway, the DVAP uses the URCALL parameter for linking and commands. For ease of use, program memories for your favorite calls, a "QSO" memory (CQCQCQ) and an "Unlink" memory ( U). The QSO and Unlink memories are generic, so you can use them with any DVAP link you make.
DVAP QSO: Set your radio to your link memory, then key up to connect… After you hear the "Remote System Linked" message, switch to your QSO memory for the duration of the QSO. When you want to drop the connection, switch to your unlink memory and key up.
Summary of Radio URCALL Settings for DVAP Use




Link to Reflector 001, Module C


Link to K6MDD, Module A


Transmit to the Connected System

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ U

Unlink form a Linked Gateway or Reflector

DVAP_ _ _ E

Echo Test. Key down and speak. Audio playback after unkey.

DVAP_ _ _ I

Request Voice ID from DVAP


Here are some DVAP setup and operating tips:

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