The IRC WA6IRC D-STAR system is located at the Contractor's Point repeater site, in the hills above the San Fernando Valley, just north of Downtown Los Angeles, California. The site offers excellent coverage of the San Fernando Valley and points beyond.


Digital voice service to the greater Los Angeles area is provided on 3 bands: 23cm by WA6IRC_A on 1282.650-, 70cm by WA6IRC_B on 447.040-, and 2 meters by WA6IRC_C ON 145.605-. Our 3 ICOM ID-RP series digital voice repeaters run 25 watts on 2M and 70cm and 12 watts on 23cm. D-STAR offers the ability to operate these area repeaters either as stand-alone "in-band" or linked "cross-band". How you program the "RPT1 Call" and "RPT2 Call" parameters in your D-STAR radio determines how the repeaters are linked during a QSO. Click here for details. The IRC digital voice repeaters also support low-speed data messageing. For high-speed data applications, read on.


The Contractor's site is also home to our ICOM ID-RP2D 23cm high-speed data repeater. WA6IRC_A provides a 128kb data connection on 1299.700. Since the system uses the TCP/IP protocol, a wireless network can be set up using your computer (or laptop, PDA, etc.) and ICOM ID-1 radio. In the near future WA6IRC A will also offer internet access... bringing all your favorite internet applications such as email and web browsing to your ID-1/computer station. Check back soon for an update on this exciting aspect of D-STAR.


WA6IRC_G is the IRC D-STAR gateway. This gateway provides access to other D-STAR systems across the country and around the world. Program "RPT2 Call" in your D-STAR radio to "WA6IRC G" for gateway access. Click here for details.


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